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Sample Menu Display

Hover Over or Click Highlighted Menu Items For A Ono Treat


All Meals come with Rice. Served All Day

Portuguese Sausage Eggs and Rice

Eggs are cooked to order

2 eggs w/4 pcs Spam $7
2 eggs w/4 pcs Bacon $7
Hawaiian Sweet Roll French Toast

with Pineapple Sauce

Loco Moco

8oz Homemade Beef Patty w/ 2 Eggs and Brown Gravy

Big Braddah Breakfast

3 eggs, 5 piece Portuguese Sausage


Portuguese Sausage & Green Onion Omelet

with or without cheese



With Tomato, Lettuce, and Onion. Includes French Fries

Hamburger $7.25

Add Bacon $1.50

Cheeseburger $7.75

Add Bacon $1.50

Teri Burger

with slice of pineapple

Chicken Katsu $8
Teri Chicken $8
Teri Beef $8.50
Fish Sandwich $8

Teri Beef, Kalua Pig, or Panko Chicken Nuggets

Hot Dog $5.50
Chili Dog $7.50

Pulled Pork Sandwich


Salads & Soups

Mixed greens with tomato & your choice of dressing: Ranch, Ginger, and Thousand Island

Small Green Salad $3.50
Large Green Salad $6



Extra egg $1.50
2 Hawaiian Rolls $1
Substitute Fried Rice $2
One Scoop Rice $1
Mac Salad $1.25
Sauce $1.25

Traditional Plate Lunch

Includes Rice and Mac Salad.

Hamburger Steak $9.50
Kalua Pig & Cabbage $9

Shoyu Chicken & Kalua Pig Combo


Teri Chicken Stir Fry

Teri Beef $9.25
Teri Chicken $9
Shoyu Chicken $9

Chili with Hot Dog

Chicken Katsu $9


Big Braddah Plate

Choose any 3 of the above meats.


Mini Plate Lunch

Includes Rice and Mac Salad.

Teri Beef $6.25
Teri Chicken $6
Shoyu Chicken $6
Chili and Rice $6
Chicken Katsu $6

From the Sea

Fried, Coconut, Garlic. Includes Rice.

Shrimp (1 piece) $3
Shrimp (3 pieces) $7
Shrimp (6 pieces) $13
Fish and Chips $9

Fried Rice

with Portuguese Sausage and Spam
Small $7.75

Large $9.75

Fried Noodles

Large $9.75

Chow Fun

Small $7.75

Large $11.25



6pcs Choice of: Teriyaki, Stingin' Honey Garlic, Hot Wings



.97ยข ea



Shaka Fries

Fries with Cheese, Kalua Pig, a drizzle of Teri Sauce and topped with Mango Salsa

Chili Cheese Fries

GauGee (6 pieces) $5

Choice of: Spam, Teri Beef, or Chicken Katsu
French Fries $3

Keiki Menu

Includes Fries or Rice

Grilled Cheese $5
Panko Chicken Nuggets $5
Chicken Nugget Sliders $5
Cheeseburger Sliders $5